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📹 Steps to Success With JP Morgan Chase & Co. – Edinburgh

Black Professionals Scotland orchestrated a transformative evening at JP Morgan Chase & Co, Edinburgh, with their recent event, ‘Steps to Success.’ The event unfolded with a stellar lineup of speakers, each bringing a unique perspective to the forefront. Stephen Hamblin illuminated JP Morgan’s cultural landscape and current priorities, setting the stage for an insightful journey.

Shanah Hanley, Channel Manager for Complaints, shared her career trajectory and opportunities within JP Morgan, while Jamila Idris spoke passionately about diversity and embracing every opportunity. Sam Ritchie delved into the dynamic realm of private banking, underscoring the importance of exceeding client expectations and career growth. Adeola highlighted the supportive team dynamics that propelled her success, and Martin Lynch provided a comprehensive view of wealth management.

Petula Southgate Smith emphasised the power of networking and career development, creating an environment conducive to achieving professional goals. The subsequent panel discussion and Q&A session reflected a room abuzz with engagement, participants actively seeking insights into roles and expectations. The event culminated in a vibrant networking session, where connections flourished amidst nibbles and drinks.

This ‘Steps to Success’ event, with its blend of wisdom and camaraderie, left a lasting impression. Attendees departed with valuable insights, newly forged connections, and a shared sense of professional inspiration. Black Professionals Scotland continues to be a beacon of empowerment, providing a platform for success stories and fostering meaningful connections within the community.

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