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About Black Professionals United Kingdom

Our journey began in 2016 with Edinburgh Black Professionals, a networking platform fuelled by engaging physical, speaker-led events. Since then, we have expanded to cover the whole of Scotland as Black Professionals Scotland, with a growing membership across major cities and towns, boasting expertise in Tech, Finance, Art, and more.

Today, we proudly extend our reach to the rest of the UK as Black Professionals United Kingdom.

Our expansion into the rest of the UK as Black Professionals United Kingdom was driven by our commitment to addressing the unique obstacles faced by Black professionals in various industries. We recognise the importance of creating a safe space where our members can share their experiences, seek support, and connect with like-minded individuals who understand their journey.

Our updated platform has been designed with both individuals and organisations in mind. It seeks to harness the power of diversity and inclusion, which are essential for success in the workplace

Information for Members

Black Professionals United Kingdom offers resources and opportunities to help members thrive in their careers. Members have access to exclusive workshops, seminars, and courses to enhance their skills and knowledge. The organisation provides networking opportunities with industry leaders and peers through events, which can lead to new collaborations and opportunities. Members can also benefit from the specialised job board and internship placement assistance to find meaningful career opportunities. The mentorship program connects members with experienced professionals who guide and support their growth and success. Additionally, the organisation offers a CV Clinic to provide personalised feedback on members' CVs. Black Professionals United Kingdom is a supportive community that understands the unique challenges faced by its members and strives to create an inclusive environment where members can share their ideas, challenges, and successes without hesitation. The organisation is committed to advancing the careers of Black professionals and promoting equitable employment and opportunities for growth.

Information for Partners

For partners, collaborating with Black Professionals United Kingdom is a powerful way to drive diversity, equity, and inclusion within your organisation. By partnering with us, you become part of a community that is dedicated to empowering Black professionals and organisations to thrive and excel. As a partner, you gain access to a diverse talent pool, increased visibility and brand awareness, networking and business opportunities, exclusive workshops and seminars, and the chance to champion diversity and inclusion initiatives within your organisation. Join us as a member or partner, and together, let's create an inclusive future where Black professionals and organisations not only overcome their struggles but rise to achieve greatness. Empower excellence through our community and partnership opportunities, and let's make a lasting impact on the professional landscape.


We take pride in a leadership team that excels in both diversity and inclusion, while also possessing practical expertise in their respective leadership roles.

Enoch Adeyemi


Asabea Owusu

Director, Communications

Joshua Adeyemi

Director, Digital

Tosin Ogunlesi

Director, Technology

Taofeek Giwa

Director, Initiatives

Mission Statement

We aim to be a catalyst for change, advocating for increased representation and opportunities for people and organisations, while challenging systemic barriers and biases.


Our vision is to create a world where Black professionals excel in all sectors, as well as organisations thrive in equality and representation

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Awards & Recognition

We are honoured to share the following awards and achievements that highlight our impactful contributions.


We are committed to fostering meaningful partnerships that drive diversity, equity, and inclusion in the professional setting.

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