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Postgraduate Study Immigrants are Not a Massive Drain on the UK Social Amenities

£578,000,000 💷💷💷

Hold that figure in your hands for now but first let me take you on a journey

It was recently reported in the press that Nigerian students are bringing too many family members to the UK when they come to study

Apparently, in the last year, 34,000 Nigerian students brought 31,898 dependants and this number seems shocking to the government

Why this is shocking, I am not sure

This is why I think the number is a fair expectation

A good number of these students are postgraduate students

A good number of them are married so naturally they'll travel with their partners

A good number of them have children so naturally they'll travel with their children

So when they say 34,000 students brought 31,898 dependants, let me ask, based on all I've said above, does that sound like too much?

I heard the government is trying to limit the number so as an example, I guess they'll tell a postgraduate student coming from Nigeria to only bring her husband and one child and leave the other child if she has two

I know what you may be thinking, “But Enoch, that is a massive drain on the social amenities”

I say No.

Everyone coming pays an NHS surcharge fee. That means both student and family members pay this fee

They will not have access to public funds so no financial support of any kind

Benefit to the UK however is that they now have unfettered access to talent, if they take advantage of it that is

It's simply a business transaction as far as the UK is concerned, and that makes sense as long as a certain group of students are not demonised

Icing on the cake? Remember the figure I asked you to hold in your hands?


That is roughly the amount of fees these 34,000 students will pay in 1yr alone

That is a massive income to the UK economy

Why am I posting this?

The government and press have waged a campaign of demonising their customers. I think it's unfair and I am simply trying to provide a balanced view.

We Move…………

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