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📹 National Inclusion Week With Tesco Bank

National Inclusion Week saw an extraordinary collaboration between Black Professionals Scotland and Tesco Bank, marking a momentous occasion that celebrated diversity and inclusion. Hosted with pride, the event showcased the unwavering commitment of Tesco Bank, led by CEO Gerry Mallon, towards fostering a workplace that values and embraces differences. Enoch Adeyemi , Founder and CEO of Black Professionals Scotland, added depth to the event with profound insights, making it an unforgettable experience.

Gerry Mallon, CEO of Tesco Bank, set the tone for the event with an inspiring address, highlighting the remarkable achievements born out of the partnership between Tesco Bank and Black Professionals Scotland.

Enoch Adeyemi, CEO of Black Professionals Scotland, took the stage for an engaging Q&A session. His presence added a layer of authenticity, providing attendees with a deeper understanding of the mission and values driving the organisation.

The panel, featuring Aliyah Awoye , Leon Donald Andy and Razan Abdelgadir, delivered a wealth of perspectives on race, religion and cultural beliefs. Richard Henderson of Tesco Bank, emphasised the pivotal role of diversity in leadership. His presence alongside CEO Gerry Mallon Mallon underscored Tesco Bank’s commitment at the highest levels. The diverse perspectives shared by Aliya, Leon and Andy brought a richness to the conversation, highlighting the multifaceted nature of diversity.

The event culminated as a resounding success, echoing the shared commitment of Black Professionals Scotland and Tesco Bank to champion diversity and inclusion. It was a celebration of achievements and a call to action, inspiring attendees to carry these values into their professional spheres.

In the spirit of National Inclusion Week, the collaboration between Black Professionals Scotland and Tesco Bank stood as a shining example of what can be achieved when organisations unite for a common cause.

A huge thank you to Carol Breckenridge for organising the event Aliyah AwoyeLeon Donald for sharing your experience and Tesco bank CFO Richard Henderson , Emma Hughes your support.

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