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📹 Managing My Money: Personal Finance and Budgeting

On March 17th, 2023, BPS hosted a virtual engagement event on Twitter Spaces and Microsoft Teams. The event featured two expert speakers, Stephen Babatunde, a Mortgage and Protection Broker and Tynah Matembe, the CEO of MoneyMatix and a financial inclusion expert.

The theme of the event was “Managing My Money: Personal Finance and Budgeting”, which touched on topics that are relevant to the current economic climate for Black ethnic minorities.

Stephen Babatunde's session was particularly insightful, as he shared the basics of how mortgages work and what is required to be eligible to get a mortgage in Scotland.

The event was not only informative but also interactive, allowing attendees to ask questions and share their experiences with managing their finances. The speakers were able to provide practical tips and advice on how to manage personal finance which was very helpful.

One key takeaway from the event was that money is a tool to get you to your freedom. To achieve financial freedom, one must get their money to ‘work’ for them by investing wisely.

Tynah Matembe, the CEO of MoneyMatix, emphasized the importance of having a plan when managing personal finances, stating that “You don't need money to get started, you need a plan.” She also encouraged attendees to work and leverage within the Black minority groups they find themselves in, as this can help lessen the burden in their quest to achieve financial freedom.

In conclusion, the BPS Community Engagement Event was a great success. It is highly recommend to anyone looking to improve their personal finance management skills. The speakers provided valuable insights and practical tips that are timeless and applicable to anyone looking to manage their finances better. This event was a great opportunity to learn from experts in the field and engage with other Black ethnic minorities who share the same struggles when it comes to managing their finances.

Kudos to the BPS events team and our speakers!

Video Thumbnail
Stephen Babatunde and Tynah Matembe
Video Thumbnail
Stephen Babatunde and Tynah Matembe

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