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The Recruitment Event with TSB

On April 25th, 2023, TSB and Black Professionals Scotland (BPS) came together for an exemplary recruitment event at TSB HO in Edinburgh. Speakers from both organisations shared valuable insights on topics such as biases in the workplace, fair and inclusive recruitment processes and opportunities for career growth.

The event kicked off with a lineup of esteemed speakers, including Liz Ashford, HR Director at TSB, Sarah Mcpake, Ricky Benjamin and Precious Maohyi from TSB, Enoch Adeyemi, Founder and CEO of BPS and Onyinye Igbokwe, Internships Manager at BPS.

Enoch Adeyemi, Founder and CEO of BPS, highlighted BPS's key services and the need to unlearn and relearn to support Black professionals in maximising their skills. The disconnect between current organisational practices and potential for improvement in the recruitment process was discussed, with a focus on the importance of diverse interview panels and fair assessment centres.

BPS also highlighted their resources, including partnerships with industry leaders and a mentoring program for aspiring mentors. BPS remains committed to driving positive change and empowering Black professionals in Scotland. The event showcased the shared responsibility of organisations like TSB and BPS, as well as individual professionals, in creating a more equitable and supportive environment for Black professionals to thrive.

The event concluded with an hour-plus of networking, providing a relaxed and welcoming environment for BPS members, TSB staff and event attendees to connect, share ideas and discuss solutions. The atmosphere was vibrant with good food and meaningful conversations taking place, creating a conducive space for fostering meaningful connections and collaboration.

Overall, the TSB recruitment event was  a successful and impactful gathering that emphasised the need for inclusivity, fair recruitment practices and opportunities for career development for Black professionals in Scotland.
BPS looks forward to hosting more events in the future to continue driving positive change.

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