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The Leading Woman Event In Collaboration with CAPCO

On 6th June, the much-anticipated “The Leading Woman” event, organized by Black Professionals Scotland in collaboration with CAPCO, took place, leaving attendees inspired and enlightened. The event featured notable speakers, Andrea Horner and Carolyn MacDonald, who shared their expertise and experiences, making it an insightful and well-attended gathering. Throughout the event, attendees had the opportunity to engage in various activities, with the breakout room session being a particular highlight.

Andrea Horner and Carolyn MacDonald, the distinguished speakers at “The Leading Woman” event, delivered thought-provoking presentations that resonated deeply with the audience. However, it was Andrea Horner's quote that truly struck a chord: “Talk to yourself the way you will talk to one of your true friends.” This simple yet powerful reminder encapsulated the importance of self-compassion and nurturing our own self-worth. Attendees were inspired to be kinder to themselves and embrace self-love as a vital aspect of personal and professional growth.

One of the standout activities during the event was the breakout room session. Attendees were given the opportunity to connect with fellow participants and engage in meaningful discussions about their own journeys, challenges and aspirations. It was in these small groups that the true magic of the event unfolded. Women from diverse backgrounds shared their stories, fostering a sense of solidarity and understanding. Through these interactions, attendees discovered the intersectionality that exists within their individual struggles, creating a sense of community and empowerment.

“The Leading Woman” event provided attendees with valuable insights and fresh perspectives. Attendees had the chance to learn from each other's experiences, gaining a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by Black professionals in various industries. The event also shed light on the importance of representation, mentorship and allyship in creating an inclusive and equitable workplace. The exchange of ideas and the celebration of accomplishments left participants feeling inspired and motivated to pursue their goals with renewed vigor.

“The Leading Woman” event undoubtedly made a significant impact by highlighting the importance of uplifting and supporting women in their pursuit of success.

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