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Elevate in 2023 with Buki Ishola

With over 50 attendees, we had a very well-coordinated educative and interactive event with our host Buki Ishola.

There was a well-delivered, and enlightening presentation from Buki, who is a Certified Coach highly trained and experienced on topics like leadership, personal growth and career success. A UK trained Chartered Accountant & Chartered Tax Adviser with a corporate career spanning over 15 years.

Her slides covered….

  • Mechanics of Advancing in a Career
  • Mapping out a 2023 Career Vision
  • Identifying and Navigating Blocks
  • A Framework of Navigating Challenges
  • Identifying & Creating Opportunities

These insights were offered to enable one to move their career forward and have a fantastic professional year. One of the key lessons of her presentation was that “We all need to set our career agendas otherwise we will be pushing other people’s agendas.

Thanks to the events team at Black Professionals Scotland for organising this insightful career growth opportunity event, and also to Asabea and Tosin for delivering the welcoming and closing speech.

Looking forward to many more events like this with all our contributing community members.


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