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Dami Onalaja-Aliu’s Message on Black History Month

2022 Black History Month UK is coming to an end this week and I have a few questions for everyone and by everyone I mean EVERYONE.

What have you learnt this month that you did not already know?

What activities or learning opportunities did you participate in to know more about the concerns, struggles or opportunities for growth?

Every time something goes wrong that affects the black community or creates a reaction, myself and countless others get questions on “how black people feel or are feeling?”

So in the spirit of that, I have a challenge for you, how about we don't wait until the next George Floyd to talk and learn again?

Maybe just maybe (hear me out), your genuine concern could be met with action? After all, is it really care if it does not invoke action?

For Black folks, how many biases and opinions that you presently think exists have you challenged? Is “your” world still as “dark” as you thought and if it is, what are you doing actively to help? Have you held your leaders accountable for the promises made? How about you? Are you spectating or getting involved in real solutions, partnering with allies and the wider community to just help? Maybe mentor, teach, coach, grow others?

For our allies and friends, we are with you in your own individual struggles. We share a common understanding that diversity, equity and inclusion is a fundamental human right. Thank you for your support over the years. This month we are not looking for donations, nor charity just your ears, eyes, mind and heart. Listen, see, engage, learn and build with us.

Let's build a world our children can be proud of. One where we black parents no longer have to have “the other talk” with their children or explain certain words.

This black history month provides an opportunity to learn. So, I ask again, what have you learnt so far?

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