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Breaking Into Your Career With Morgan Stanley

On August 29th, 2023, Black Professionals Scotland had the privilege of hosting the “Breaking Into Your Career Event” in collaboration with Morgan Stanley. The event took place at Morgan Stanley’s Glasgow location. 


With the goal of empowering aspiring Black professionals, the event featured an insightful lineup of speakers, including Nyadshazashe Chengeta, who shared her wisdom and experiences. The event was met with overwhelming enthusiasm and attendees were not disappointed. The organisers delivered on every promise, creating an atmosphere of inspiration and learning.

One of the event’s most impactful moments was when a speaker imparted the advice to “Build confidence now! Never underestimate the power of networking.” This resonated deeply with attendees, reminding them that self-assurance and meaningful connections play crucial roles in navigating the professional landscape. Given the immense value and impact of the “Breaking Into Your Career Event,” it is without hesitation that we would recommend it to other aspiring Black professionals.

As attendees left the event, the atmosphere was filled with a sense of purpose and excitement. The event did not only provide valuable career insights but also reinforced the importance of representation and mentorship within the Black community. We extend our gratitude to Morgan Stanley and all those involved for creating a space where aspiring Black professionals could come together, learn, and be inspired.

As Black Professionals Scotland, we look forward to hosting more events that empower and uplift our community, propelling us all towards greater success and achievement.

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