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Recruitment Event With Barclays

The evening at Barclays Bank Glasgow buzzed with excitement as the Black Professionals Scotland (BPS) and Barclays joined forces for their annual Recruitment Event. Enoch Adeyemi, the host of the event and the BPS team, orchestrated a celebration of opportunities and the power of partnership.

Enoch Adeyemi commenced the event with a warm welcome, expressing gratitude to Barclays for hosting it. He noted a sense of déjà vu from the previous year’s program held in Barclays’ offices, highlighting the enduring collaboration between BPS and Barclays.

Enoch encouraged participants to seize the presented opportunities, mirroring those who had succeeded in past events. This served as a reminder that these gatherings are stepping stones to a brighter future.

An essential aspect of the evening was the introduction to the free services provided by BPS, made possible by the support of our partners. This emphasized BPS’s dedication to the community and our commitment to empowering individuals to achieve their goals.

The event’s dynamic aspect was the breakout sessions, where participants engaged in rotating conversations about different business areas, including Risk and Control, Customer Care, Diversity and Inclusion, Operations and Technology. These sessions offered valuable insights into various career paths, expanding horizons and fostering networking opportunities.

Special thanks go out to the 16 dedicated Barclays staff members who facilitated and participated in the breakout discussions, sharing their expertise and insights with enthusiasm:

Craig ScottFadzai BitiSeveriano Gomes, Aima Awenlimobor, Anuoluwapo Harrison, Harrieth AigbeJean-Marie SteelYvonne CuthillPaul McIlhone, Abiola Yusuf Babalola, Kathryn De Lattre, Alan StrachanJenna MarshallAyodeji Akinyemi, Gregory Petters and Lesley Mustoo.

In summary, the Barclays and BPS Recruitment Event was an evening of inspiration, mentorship, and promise for a brighter future. It showcased the strength of partnerships and the commitment of professionals to uplift their community. This gathering was not merely an event; it was a catalyst for change and a testament to the unwavering dedication of BPS and Barclays to empower the next generation.

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