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Steps To Success with Hyman Robertson

On January 29th, 2024, the collaborative Steps to Success event unfolded at Hymans Robertson‘s vibrant Glasgow office, jointly hosted with Black Professionals Scotland (BPS). Attended by 24 individuals, the day featured dynamic speakers and engaging activities, providing valuable insights into Hymans Robertson and individual financial guidance.
Gill Tait set the tone by delving into the One Firm ethos and the organization's dedication to the Net Zero agenda. Calum Cooper expanded on the three key business areas, spotlighting a renewed focus on personalized financial guidance. Enoch Adeyemi delivered a powerful message on community impact and emphasized the pivotal role of the Hymans-BPS partnership.
Following a one-hour lunch break, Learning Coordinator Andrea Black facilitated a session on organizational learning principles, complemented by interactive activities exploring personality traits.
Ambassadors Toni and Karen Fraser shared compelling success stories, stressing the significance of connections and a growth mindset. The Q&A session fostered a positive and engaging atmosphere, showcasing participants' enthusiasm.
Memorable quotes included Karen Fraser's advice to “find a job you love” and Enoch Adeyemi's poignant reminder that “you are not by yourself.”
The event concluded with ample networking opportunities, accompanied by nibbles and drinks, creating a platform for participants to connect with each other and Hymans Robertson staff. In summary, this enriching event comes highly recommended for future participants seeking inspiration and networking opportunities.

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