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Enoch Adeyemi’s Message on the Recent Racial Assault on the School Girl in Ashford

I'm sure by now, most of us have seen (or heard of) the serious racially aggravated assault on the school girl in Ashford

Yes. It happened in 2023

To address those that say racism no longer exists in 2023 and it's just a figment of our imagination, you are denying the reality of millions and you need to check yourself

After watching the video, there are 4 Characters I want to pull out from that event

The Attackers: This was the family attacking the poor girl! We have many of these people in our workplaces. The attacker represents racist line managers, colleagues, HR and sometimes even DEI people. These group are the devil we know.

The Attacked: The poor girl who was set upon by a whole family on the street with the mother egging the kids on to give her some real kicking! The poor girl represents ethnic minority folks, disabled folks, Muslim folks and all other under-represented groups

The Responsible Adult: In this case it was the principal who failed in his safeguarding duties. The school have released some fluffy, boneless statement. The responsible adult represents the corporation, the organisations of today who have put a system in place to intentionally or unintentionally let racism thrive and where racists get away with their actions and are even promoted in some instances so they can perpetrate their evil on a wider scale

The Onlookers: There were people passing by. There were cars stopped and adults in these cars just sat there and watched like it was fight night on Sky TV! Some have defended the onlookers that they were just looking out for their safety but I say that is rubbish. Let me paint you a scenario, if a White 16yr old girl was being set upon by a Black family of 5 including their mother on the streets of Britain, folks will not think twice before jumping in, knocking out the Black kids and saving the poor White girl and they will be hailed as heroes! This is the world we live in. A world where Black lives are LESS than. Back to my point, the onlookers are the worst kind of people among all the 4 categories mentioned. They are lukewarm. Neither here nor there. They will watch injustice being perpetrated, they won't take part but will simply watch in silence. They will not be moved to anger. They will have drinks with the perpetrators. Most people in organisations fall into this category. They are onlookers. That is why injustice and racism is still rife in organisations today. Simply because of onlookers. There are always more onlookers than perpetrators but they never use their strength in their numbers.

You can't simply be a non-racist, you have to be ANTI-racist. You have to stand up against it. You have to fill the gap that the attacked can't fill. You have to use your strength

If not, my grandchild will still be writing the same post in 2070.

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