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📹 Celebrating Black Excellence in Scotland with Carol Anderson

Here is an amazing clip featuring the previous winner of Carol Anderson, winner of the Ally of the Year award category 🎥

Carol's journey began as a mentor for TSB's Ignite Programme, where she witnessed firsthand the need for intentional allyship. Her experience sparked a powerful movement, focused on empowering Black and Black mixed heritage colleagues in their personal and professional growth.

Through her tireless efforts, Carol has pioneered initiatives like the succession focus group, dedicated to amplifying Black talent and ensuring representation at every level. She has also spearheaded essential training for line managers, shedding light on the unique experiences of Black colleagues and fostering a culture of inclusivity.

Carol's commitment to equity and inclusion serves as an inspiration for us all.

But that's not all—now it's your turn to make a difference too!
We encourage you to visit TBSA website and cast your nominations for #TBSA2024, for individuals and organisations that have made outstanding contributions to the Black community in Scotland.

👉🏾 Visit TBSA website now and be a part of this incredible journey:

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