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BPS: Our Record-Breaking 2021 Story

BPS: Our Record-Breaking 2021 Story

As 2021 draws to a close, there is no better time than now to reflect on the journey so far and celebrate our remarkable progress at BPS. We reckon that it has been quite a challenging year for everyone with regards to COVID and lockdown. However, we are delighted to have impacted lives positively through our several initiatives. We remain committed to promoting inclusion and strengthening the black community in Scotland: 2021 was indeed a spring board for us.


Early 2021: Where were we at?

We were primarily focused on methods to make BPS covid and virtual friendly at the start of 2021 due to lock-down constraints. Despite the difficulties, we were able to devise strategies to keep members engaged, promote self and professional development and mental health awareness/support.

Our 2021 Achievements

Despite the numerous challenges presented by 2021, we are proud as a network to have established a track record of excellence. Adapting to the situation through exciting initiatives and strategic partnerships produced incredible results such as:


  • Membership grew by over 500 new members
  • Our partnership portfolio with reputable Scottish Businesses increased to 11
  • Expansion of our team capacity through paid internships and Volunteering opportunities
  • Launch of #BlackScotInterns2021: 11 members accepted offers and have transitioned into fulltime positions
  • BPS Website Update allowing us to: promote more employment opportunities through job board; expand events and include our new CV clinic offer.

These great accomplishments were made possible by the hard work and dedication of those who work at BPS, as well as the support we received from both our partners and our community of members via testimonials and support on social media.
Cheers to a year well-spent!

We have made great strides in 2021 to provide support to more people and to collaborate with more partners to provide opportunities to Black professionals in Scotland. Moving into 2022 we pledge our commitment to continue to build upon this strong foundation of hard work and dedication and hope to reach even greater heights.


Watch out for our next blog on our 2022 aspirations and goals.

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